Experimental high-speed blower with aerodynamic bearings

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  RotMach owns experimental high-speed blower with integrated electric motor and rotor supported on aerodynamic bearings, 100% oil free solution.  This next generation design offers compact and low-cost base with broad spectrum of R&D applications. We are looking for a partner for research activities based on this technology.

  • EM power:       100 kW
  • Max. speed:    18 260 rpm
  • Impeller:          3D
  • Impeller dia.:  285 mm
  • Control:            VFD
  • Mass:               1 000kg
  • Dimensions:   1 200 x 1 100 x 1 000 mm

Main description and application

Main description

  • High-speed asynchronous electric motor controlled by frequency converter (VSD)
  • Impeller fitted directly on electric motor shaft
  • Aerodynamic bearings:
    • radial with tilting pads
    • minimal frictional loss
    • without an oil system (100% oil free solution)
Experimentální vysokootáčkové dmychadlo s plynovými ložisky
Experimentální vysokootáčkové dmychadlo s plynovými ložisky


  • Machine offers relatively compact and low operating cost base for development of next generation turbomachinery. We are looking for a partner and we offer cooperation in R&D based on this technology, mainly in the following areas:
    • Design and validation of radial impellers and flow path, measurement and control of centrifugal compressors and blowers
    • Applications of aerodynamic or aerostatics bearings
    • Other related R&D challenges

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