CFD fluid flow simulations

CFD fluid flow simulations, centrifugal compressor, RotMach

Knowledge of fluid flow’s nature is the keystone of successful design and device operation. However, it may be difficult or even impossible to specify it only with analytical or experimental methods. Numerical simulation CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is the tool that enables in-depth study of the flow and further detection of the critical regions. It is used to display the velocity or temperature field, to calculate the pressure loss or performance map of the rotating machinery. CFD fluid flow simulations are a relatively cheap instrument to define the influence of the fluid or to compare and optimize parameters of the machine.

We provide CFD fluid flow simulations using ANSYS CFX/Fluent, both for rotating and non-rotating machinery. In cooperation with your team we design the device and determine its performance map. We have our own designers on board, it means we are able to provide not only a basic design but also a detailed design with all the necessary drawings.

For the given geometry and boundary conditions we calculate with CFD field of flow and we analyze the results. Output from the simulation may be used as an input for the structural analysis (FEM), that we provide as well. Our specialization is the performance map calculation of the centrifugal compressors and blowers.

Feel free to contact us (here) to discuss how to use CFD for your specific problem!

CFD fluid flow simulation services

Fluid flow simulation can be used for

  • Calculation of machine operating performance
  • Identification of critical regions, flow path optimization
  • Pressure loss calculation
  • Development of a new design or flow path upgrade for existing machines
  • Stage’s full characteristic curves for thermodynamic design (compressors, pumps, turbines…)
  • Phase change in the flow
  • Flow around bodies, external aerodynamics
  • Fluid-structure interaction
CFD fluid flow simulations, numerical simulation of seal Rotmach
Centrifugal compressor performance map

Specific options for the simulation

  • Single-phase / Multi-phase fluid flow
  • Simulation using ideal or real gas properties
  • Steady-state simulation or transient for more complex phenomena
CFD fluid flow simulations, outer aerodynamics Rotmach

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