Metal materials consulting

Centrifugal compressor impeller corrosion, impeller material selection, RotMach

We offer technical support and consulting for metal material selection, not only for rotating machinery and related technologies. We provide professional know-how and practical experiences with the right choice of materials for corrosive and aggressive environment or for high and low temperatures. We have experiences with non-ferrous material’s applications, such as titanium and nickel alloys.

Metal materials consulting services

Material selection

  • Recommendations for material selection for specific applications
  • Corrosion resistance in aggressive environments (H2S, wet CO2, H2, etc.)
  • Material design for high, low or cryogenic temperatures
Metal corrosion, Material consulting
Materiálové zkoušky odstředivého kompresoru

Machine´s failure assessment

  • Investigating machine failures associated with material failure caused by corrosive attack or poor quality of semi-product material
  • Material corrosion loss
  • Machine failure due to inadequate material´s mechanical properties

Material tests and results evaluation

  • Providing material tests in external certified laboratories
  • Fractographic analysis
  • Corrosion resistance tests in the autoclave
  • Assessment of material quality based on the supplier´s material attest
  • Methodology for assessment of supplier´s material quality
Metal materials consulting, Rotmach
Metal materials consulting, Rotmach

Materials for rotating machinery

  • Recommendations for material selection of rotating machinery components
  • Material compliance to international standards API, ASTM, AMS, ČSN, EN, ISO
  • Assessment selected materials suitability for the existing and new machinery
  • Special materials: titanium and nickel alloys etc.

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