Centrifugal compressors and blowers

High-speed blower

We provide engineering services in Centrifugal compressors and Blowers, Turbocompressors and Compressor units. We focus on industrial centrifugal compressors, based on  API617 standard (American Petroleum Institute, Axial and Centrifugal Compressors and Expander-compressors)single shaft & integrally geared. We provide also solutions for an integration of compressors (and their accessories) into new/existing technology processes. It can be also for other compressor types – reciprocating compressor (piston) or screw compressor.


  • Oil & Gas services, Natural gas compressors
  • Chemical services, Fertilizer plants, etc.
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Metallurgy, Mining, Coke oven
  • Water treatment

Services for centrifugal compressors and blowers

Integrally geared compressor layout, general arrangement, centrifugal compressors and blowers
Compressor unit with gas turbine
Centrifugal compressors and blowers - Compressor unit with expansion turbine - compander

Centrifugal compressors and blowers

  • Feed study support, including price estimations (new unit or revamp of existing machines)
  • Performance & efficiency upgrades study (revamp)
  • Support with compressor tenders
  • Evaluation of OEMs proposals
  • Project management support
  • Compressor concept & detailed design
  • Thermodynamic design
  • P&ID system basic design – gas, seals, oil, machine monitoring system
  • Impeller upgrades study, Seal upgrades, Bearing upgrades, Coupling upgrades
  • Compressor rotor dynamics, vibration (calculation, analyze, evaluation)
  • Single shaft / Integrally geared basic design concepts
  • Compressor and gearbox mechanical loss predictions
  • Gear rating
  • Compressor impeller design & strength calculation
  • Research & development
  • Centrifugal compressors trainings, education

Designing services for centrifugal compressors area

  • Industrial refrigeration units
  • Calculation and design of industrial refrigeration loop with compressor unit (screw compressor, reciprocating, centrifugal). One or more evaporation isotherms, cascade, etc.
  • Integration of Centrifugal compressors and their accessories (vessels, valves, piping) into new/existing technology process
  • Preparation of designing documentation for machine-technology part
  • Supervision and participation at commissioning

Designing services for other areas

A cooperation by preparation of designing documentation, author´s supervision and participation at commissioning, in following areas: 

  • Industrial refrigeration units, winter stadium
  • Compressor station for gas treatment and transport, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.
  • Cogeneration units for heat/electricity production

Typical projects

Greenfield projects

  • You are planning to build new process plant and you need a support with compressor RFQ establishing.
  • You work in EPC, which is preparing a new plant project, and you need a support with centrifugal compressor selection/design.
  • You have received several compressor proposals and you need to compare and evaluate them.
Compressor for Oil & gas or Petrochemical industry
Single shaft centrifugal compressor horizontal split

Brownfield modifications

  • Your centrifugal compressor is running well, but you want to know, if you could/should revamp it to achieve better operation parameters (higher efficiency, flow, pressure ratio).
  • You want to operate the compressor by other gas parameters. And you want to know what would be the estimated revamp scope.
  • Your compressor is approaching general overhaul. You would consider a modernization on this occasion and you need to evaluate what are the benefits of various options. 

To know more

  • You want to make compressor preselection and you need to know more about centrifugal compressor possibilities.
  • You have a problem with rotor dynamics and you need the independent assessment or just to find solution.
  • Your team want to learn more about industrial centrifugal compressors.
Centrifugal compressor performance map

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