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Many organizations such as rotating machinery service companies, end users and machinery manufactures need a deep understanding of rotating machinery vibrodiagnostics. Various machine failures can occur in service and vibrodiagnostics is well established tool to identify these. RotMach Vibrostand helps to understand vibration patterns and fault specific symptoms of rotating machinery, all in one rotor kit.

Rotating machinery training

RotMach vibrostand is an excellent, cost effective and safe rotor kit that helps to gain a hands-on experience with rotating machinery vibrations. Vibrodiagnostic and machinery personnel can be trained in rotor balancing and vibrations patterns associated to various component failures. And it all takes place in home workshop, without pressure of maintenance or production time schedule and a risk of compromising the expensive machinery.

Machine learning applications

To learn effectively for machine learning algorithms like neural networks there has to be a large amounts of input data. Our rotor kits can be used to generate real world data that authentically represent the faults of large rotating machinery. Various kinds of machinery faults can be simulated and its vibration pattern generated on a compact size machine, in a controlled laboratory environment.

Vibrostand rotor kit pedestal, Rotmach
Waterfall plot, RotMach

Vibrostand design

Special attention has been focused on user friendly design. Roller bearings are mounted on shaft via tapered adapter sleeve and locking nut. Change of roller bearing or adjustment of bearing span is a matter of minutes. Rotor speed is controlled by variable speed drive with LCD controlled unit. Upon request, customer specific motor driver can be installed.

Our vibrostands consist to a large extent of standard market available, CE approved components. Spare parts are readily and widely available. Tailor made components are manufactured under strict quality control, based in RotMach‘s long term experience in rotating machinery manufacturing.

Sensors and diagnostics

Our vibrostands can be equipped by range of third-party sensors from temperature and absolute vibration sensors up to eddy current probes monitoring the relative shaft positions. Probe mounting locations are compatible with mainstream market sensors. Upon request, we can deliver vibrostands with pre-installed sensors based on customer specification.

Customization options

High level of various customizations is possible. On customer request a specific configuration can be designed.  Based on years of hands-on experience with rotating machinery, RotMach is also ready to extend the vibrostands with components like compressors, pumps etc. upon a customer specific request. Various rotating machinery phenomena can be studied or control algorithm strategies on compact models validated. All at a fraction of the cost of real size machine testing.

Vibrostand typical models


For training rigid rotors balancing

Vibrostand Rotor Kit Easy, RotMach


  • Basic model with one shaft supported on roller bearings
  • Electric motor with variable speed drive
  • Adjustable bearing span
  • Designed for practicing unbalance in one or multiple planes and roller bearings damages

Main components

  • Aluminum base frame
  • Motor with Variable Speed Drive (shaft speed 50~2 870 RPM), LCD display
  • Flexible coupling
  • Shaft supported on 2 pedestals with rolling element bearings
  • Removable and position adjustable discs with balancing provisions

Sensor provision

  • Provisions on both bearing pedestals for absolute vibration sensors (2 surfaces in radial directions on each pedestal)
  • 1x bracket for phase sensor

Safety features

  • Rotor covered by Alu tiling frame with plexiglas and end switch, main kill switch


Advanced model with belt drive, gearbox and 3rd bearing preload

Vibrostand rotor kit medium, RotMach


  • Advanced model adding 3rd bearing pedestal and gearbox driven by a belt drive
  • A gear mesh and belt errors can be simulated
  • 3rd bearing pedestal adds possibility to mechanically preload the bearing in radial direction

Main components

  • As model Easy, plus additionally:
  • 3rd radial bearing pedestal with bearing preload system
  • Belt drive 1:2 with automatic tensioner, 1x spare pulley with eccentric bore
  • 2x spur gearbox, one with missing gear tooth

Sensor provision

  • As model Easy, plus additionally:
  • Provision for loaded bearing temperature sensor

Safety features

  • Rotor covered by Alu tiling frame with plexiglas and end switch, main kill switch


High end model for training high speed rotor dynamics

Vibrostand rotor kit max, RotMach


  • High end model adding an extra high-speed shaft equipped with hydrodynamic bearings
  • Critical speeds and effect of bearing span, unbalance can be studied on a high-speed shaft
  • Hydrodynamic bearing phenomena like whip/whirl instability or oil starvation can be investigated

Main components

  • As model Medium, plus additionally:
  • Second, high speed shaft driven by belt drive 2:1 (nominal speed 5 740 RPM)
  • Hydrodynamic bearing pedestals, one with radial preload option
  • Lub-oil unit with electric pump, tank, filter and valve

Sensor provision

  • As model Medium, plus additionally:
  • Provisions for relative vibration sensors, 2 on each of the high-speed bearing pedestals
  • Provisions for hydrodynamic bearing temperature sensors

Safety features

  • Rotor covered by Alu tiling frame with plexiglas and end switch, main kill switch

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